A Fresh Start and a Perfect Package

Heyleigh and I have moved to Chicago!


Heyleigh’s actually been here longer than I have. I had about a month after graduation but before my job started, and I didn’t want her to switch barns three times in two months, so she got dropped off at her Illinois barn on my way back to Minnesota. After a few weeks of packing and relaxing, I joined her. I got here about a month ago and started working my first full time job! That’s right - I’m now a full-fledged engineer!

We’ve both had a little while to settle in now. As far as I can tell, Heyleigh is enjoying her new barn. She’s befriended another Arabian mare who is also new to the barn, and is enjoying a more consistent schedule than she’s had for the last couple of years in Indiana. I’m enjoying both my new job and my newfound ability to get to the barn more than once a week. Even though I have less flexibility than I had in school, the quality of my free time is exponentially higher than it used to be. Going to the barn is no longer eating into my homework time or making it more difficult to meet with project groups.

Everything about this move has felt like a fresh start. We just had our first lesson with the barn owner/trainer, and she had a really refreshing take on Heyleigh. She pointed out that Heyleigh can do pretty much everything she’s supposed to do at the walk (accept contact, bend, leg yield, downward transitions, etc.) which means there’s no reason that she can’t do it at the trot or canter - she just has to understand that’s what I’m asking for. Hopefully she’s right.

On a completely separate note, even though I don’t usually spring for equine subscription boxes when A Horse Box posted their July spoiler as a full sized bottle of Ultrashield Sport fly spray, I decided to go for this month’s box. It’s pretty easy to justify ~$26 for the box when I routinely pay $20 for just the Ultrasheild. I’m so glad that I did! I swear this box felt like a personalized new-barn care package. Besides the fly spray, there were Mane Street Bakery horse treats (Heyleigh’s second favorite treat), Showsheen Detangler Gel (which I had just run out of), and a whole bunch of trial sized items. Since I firmly believe that the only two reasons to get a subscription box are because 1.) You’re getting an item that you buy routinely for a better price or 2.) you’re getting a lot of trial-sized items you wouldn’t normally be able to get, this box was a complete jackpot!