Back to School (For Me)

It's been a lovely summer, but classes have finally started once again. 

As per usual at Rose, this meant getting thrown right back into the action. From professors assigning the class syllabus as pre-class reading so we could start working problems day one to classes with homework due less than 24 hours from the second class, Rose doesn't mess around with getting everyone back into school mode.

Here's a brief overview of my classes:

Design for manufacture: as the professor put it, "A sweet spot between easy, useful, and interesting." (though we'll see about the easy bit once we get our first assignments and exams back).

Applications of Thermodynamics: Apparently the world has an "exergy" crisis instead of an "energy" crisis.

Statics and Mechanics of Materials: We're going to spend a lot of time making sure things don't move.

Technical and Professional Communications: I guess engineers are expected to do something besides math every once in a while. 


While my classes aren't as hectic as they were last year, I still am quite busy. Add robotics meetings five-six times per week and signing design competitions that I really don't have time for, and I hardly ever get to see Heyleigh. 

You know it's bad When your bullet journal looks like this

You know it's bad When your bullet journal looks like this

On the bright side, my schedule worked out so that I never have classes on Wednesday. So far I've been too busy playing catch up on homework or group projects to go to the barn, but I'm hoping to get back in the habit of seeing Heyleigh 2-3 times per week.