After two months, I was finally reunited with Heyleigh! She spent couple seconds giving me her  "do I know you?" face, but remembered who I was really quickly when I brought out the horse treats. (They were the ones I made from the NicerBait mix; she loved them)


I also got to meet the barn's new puppy. He's pretty adorable, and so very, very fluffy. 


I didn't ride today, but I did check Heyleigh's saddle fit. I'm definitely not a saddle fitter, but it honestly seemed to fit pretty well. The panels seemed to align nicely with her back, it didn't tip when I pressed on the pommel or cantle, it didn't slip around very easily. Hopefully it is a fit issue that I'm just not seeing, because otherwise I'm staring down a rabbit hole of possible medical, training, or behavioral problems.

I'll see her tomorrow, and I'll try to get something accomplished then. But for today, I am very content to just have visited my horse.