Packing and Baking

These last few days have been very busy. In a couple of days I'll be leaving my house and on the road back to Terre Haute, so I've spent a lot of time packing and cleaning. This year I'm trying to bring as little with me as possible so that my dorm room doesn't get to cluttered. However, I haven't been able to restrain myself in a similar fashion with things for Heyleigh. I went on a mini shopping trip to pick up some necessary supplies like fly spray and crush cleaner, as well as some not-so-necessary things like a new western girth (on clearance!) and a new brush. I also bought a full set of used Wintec Easy-Change gullet plates to try to get Heyleigh's saddle to fit better. 

On a more fun note, I talked myself out of buying loads of German Horse Muffins by making up the Nicker Bait Cookie Mix that I received in my December Horsebox. 

The mix was very easy to use. All that was required was to add a jar of molasses to the mix, stir it a bit, and put it into mini muffin tins to bake. 

They turned out pretty well, despite my abysmal cooking skills. I was a bit worried when they first came out - they had a fairly spongy consistency - but after a while they hardened into something closer to German Horse Muffins or similar horse treats. This gives me more confidence that they will last long enough for my horse to eat them all, rather than going bad after a few days.



I'm really glad that I got to try these. Assuming that Heyleigh likes them, I can easily see buying them again. The plain mix is only $6, and even factoring in another $8-10 for the molasses (That stuff isn't cheap) it would probably still be a cost effective way to get those nice high-end horse treats that Heyleigh likes so much. If I ever make them again, I might ask her barn if I could have a scoop of their grain. The extra volume would give me extra treats, and I know that Heyleigh likes grain-based treats.