My name is Amelia Rolf


 On the academic side of things

 I am a Sophomore at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, a small but well ranked engineering school in Terre Haute, Indiana. I major in mechanical engineering with minors in robotics and computer science. I'm on both the combat and underwater (MATE) robotics teams, and am currently the treasurer of the entire robotics club. 



On the equestrian side

 I'm the proud owner of Heyleigh, a 9 year old grey Arabian pony who I rescued 5 years ago. I've done all of her training thanks to a combination of limited financial means and stubbornness. Two years ago, we passed the 6th and final step of the Minnesota 4-H Horse Training Project. What discipline do we ride? Well, that depends on which one of us you ask. I've been riding  Hunter/Jumper since I started lessons in '08, but Heyleigh is convinced that her calling is to be a barrel horse. We have some disagreements on this point. I've been riding consistently since I was 11, but have only ever done schooling shows.